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Happy Horses! (and Zebras)

Zebra's love

The Zebra's love their Pony Pops at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs,


Wallace will be so happy

I received the Pony Pops today. Thank You so much! Wallace will be so happy. He is my handsome Dressage boy. On rainy days when he can’t get outside it’s your pops that keep him occupied and happy. Don’t know what I’d do without them.

Melinda - Woodstock, IL

My horses go bonkers

Boredom Busters! My horses would go bonkers snowed in without their Pony Pops! They are great treats and toys in one. Great to breakup the boredom of winter.


Awesome horse treat

AWESOME HORSE TREAT! I have two happy horses going crazy over the Carrot Pony Pop, That says it all in my book! Thanks for such a great product.

Jenn B. - Boise, ID

The horses loved them!

I bought 4 Pony Pops and all the horses loved them! They lasted about 5 days before they tore them down and finished off what was left of them. I will buy these again.

JMP4 - Livonia, MI

They are not just for ponies!

My Donkeys and Goats loved them - They are not just for ponies! It really helps if you put two on the roller at a time.

donkeygoatgirl - Sebastopol,CA

Keeps them busy

Horse Delight! I have purchased many of these in the past and they never fail to please my horses. Keeps them busy on those non-turnout snowy days.

Anonymous - Michigan

These Pony Pops are Awesome

Keeps my horses busy for hours! These Pony Pops are Awesome. I’ve been buying them for several years and they have kept the horses busy for hours. Great Product. Does not fall apart like the others.

Oldenburg - Wheeling,IL

Their product is healthy for my horse

I have been a customer of Pony Pops for over 10 years. In all that time, the service I have received from this company has been superb. Their product is healthy for my horse, approved by my vet, and, watching it being devoured by my mare, I can tell it is delicious. She is boarded at a facility 10 miles from my home & when I can't go out to exercise her, it's nice knowing she is spending hours enjoying her pony pop.

Barb M. - California

How to keep bored horses happy

We discovered Pony Pops just over 2 years ago by accident one day when googling, "how to keep bored horses happy". Texas weather is so unpredictable - we can go from sunshine to deluge in less than 30 minutes. When that happens, our boys stay in their stalls until the footing is safe. Pony Pops came up on our search and we thought, wow, these look amazing! So we decided to try them - we haven't looked back since! We are now part of the Pony Pop subscription service and Big Al and Lakota look forward to receiving them regularly - they love them! We tie the pops to their stalls and watch their faces light up. Lakota uses his as a slingshot to see how far back he can pull it! Big Al just licks his treat slowly and savors every bite! Kent & Deb are the AWESOME people who make these pony pop treats and we hope they never stop! We have had the pleasure of getting to know Kent & Deb, albeit via email and at times phone, and can't say enough about what truly wonderful people they are! Thank you both for keeping our boys happy!