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What's a Pony Pop?
A Pony Pop is a rock hard, all natural horse treat that provides hours or even days of entertainment.  Because the Pony Pop is hard the horse can't just bite right through it.  Combine that with the swinging activity when it's hung, or spinning in the Lic n' Spin holder and the Pony Pop is the perfect combination of food and fun.

Our Story
Pony Pops represents hours of searching for a product to keep our horses busy and entertained during their off hours. Finally after trying endless products that the horses either destroyed in minutes or flatly ignored we knew we could do better.  We took all we had learned about horse play and created the “Pony Pop”.  A super hard, all natural treat that gives the horse a food reward combined with mental stimulation.  That was 17 years ago, and we are still amazed at the exciting ride that is Pony Pops.  What started as a simple treat to keep our horses entertained turned into a lifetime passion.

We hand-craft Pony Pops at our ranch in Platteville, CO. Kent has a life-long love of working with horses. He bred, raised and trained horses in California. In his younger days he rode rough stock events in professional rodeo. He returned home to Colorado and now spends time working cows with his best ranch buddy "Cinco". As a young girl Deb spent summers and holidays at her grandfather’s ranch riding the latest "dead broke" horse her grandfather had purchased at the weekly sale. Deb studied to become a Veterinary Technician and practiced for several years. She trained and showed Golden Retrievers. Now she enjoys riding the same horse every week, her delightful mare "Lacey".

Our Mission
Our mission is the same today as it was that first day in our kitchen, to create a quality product that gives a horse something to do when they have nothing to do. The contrast between a horse standing bored in a stall, corral or trailer and a horse happily engaged with a Pony Pop is what keeps us going. We never get tired of it and we’ve seen it 100’s of times.  It still brings that same feeling it did when we hung our first Pony Pop and watched delighted as our horses tried to figure out how to catch the tasty treat.

Others have copied our product, but they can never duplicate the love of horses we put into each Pony Pop.