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Customer Reviews

I have been a customer of Pony Pops for over 10 years. In all that time, the service I have received from this company has been superb. Their product is healthy for my horse, approved by my vet, and, watching it being devoured by my mare, I can tell it is delicious. She is boarded at a facility 10 miles from my home & when I can't go out to exercise her, it's nice knowing she is spending hours enjoying her pony pop.

Barb M. - California

We discovered Pony Pops quite by accident one day when googling, "how to keep bored horses happy". We decided to try them - we haven't looked back since! We now subscribe and Big Al and Lakota look forward to receiving them regularly - they love them! We tie the pops to their stalls and watch their faces light up. Thank you both for keeping our boys happy!

Ilse, Michael & Kaitlin

AWESOME HORSE TREAT! I have two happy horses going crazy over the Carrot Pony Pop, That says it all in my book! Thanks for such a great product.

Jenn Brook

Boise, ID

Keeps my horses busy for hours! These Pony Pops are Awesome. I’ve been buying them for several years and they have kept the horses busy for hours. Great Product. Does not fall apart like the others.


About Us

We hand-craft Pony Pops at our ranch in Platteville, CO.

Pony Pops represents hours of searching for a product to keep our horses busy and entertained during their off hours. Finally after trying endless products that the horses either destroyed in minutes or flatly ignored we knew we could do better. We took all we had learned about horse play and created the “Pony Pop”. A super hard, all natural treat that gives the horse a food reward combined with mental stimulation. That was 17 years ago, and we are still amazed at the exciting ride that is Pony Pops. What started as a simple treat to keep our horses entertained turned into a lifetime passion.

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